So, you’re going to want to come up the mountain from Sawyer’s Bar. The road is 11 miles from there to Black Bear, and it will put a lot less wear on your vehicle than the other routes. We have a lot of steep mountain roads that are unpaved with massive rocks. It is requested that incoming vehicle operators have funds set aside to tow or otherwise remove a stranded vehicle. Each year vehicles are abandoned on the ranch without means to remove them.

Please be advised:

  1. If your car has low clearance, clear the road of all rocks on your way in and out. We have about a half-dozen oil pans burst each year.
  2. If your vehicle is two-wheel-drive, please consider not coming up with it. Vehicles get stuck here.
  3. If it’s winter, please consider not coming in at all. Even the best four-wheeler can’t make it in and out in the snow.
  4. Please have enough gas to get in and out. There is no gas station within a few dozen miles and we don’t have fuel to spare.
  5. Please be practiced in mountain driving. Failure to engine brake has resulted in brake failure and multiple flipped vehicles.

Generally how to get there:

  • From Sawyer’s Bar, take Eddy Gulch Road up 39N27.
  • The road will curve back and forth for several miles and go by a few sparse houses.
  • Beyond the over-grown forest service road on the left (by marker 39N27) there will be another left, curving up the mountain. Take this left.
  • A few miles further up, you will get to Black Bear Summit, and see the same over-grown road on your left, a two roads to your right, and a road just beyond that goes up the fire lookout.
  • Switch vehicle to four-wheel low-range if available and choose a low gear!
  • Take the second right (or soft right) down mountain. This road is unlabeled.
  • Continue 3 miles to Black Bear Ranch at a slow pace, watching for children, goats, dogs, and chickens.
  • Park out of the road way.

If you have a dog (especially one who has not been neutered or ranch trained for livestock) leave the four-legged friend in your vehicle.

We go to sleep early, so arriving during the day is respectful to our lifestyle.

If you need further information stop in the Admistative Office.