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Above Water Color Painting By Sarah

I painted that woman within a bear with my baby Miles and the place I was pregnant and birthed in mind and with the one I ran away from
Black Bear in mind as well. Mt Shasta is in there, the mama mountain I still revere. Click here for the rest of story.

Below Elsa Marley

My Global Warming show “BLUE ICE” is now on line for you to see

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  • I am working now to promote it as a vehicle for climate change on a global level. Please help support this important matter in what ever way you can.

    I started BBR so many years ago with the help of a small group of Diggers. It has grown, into its own form through many fazes. A much broader vision than my idea of an art colony dedicated to, “Earthworks’. Now in in my senior years I am gratified that it has been a training ground for so many young people who have learned the lessons of living in harmony with nature, and provided me with a large productive extended family. What ever else others can conceive of; for me the heart of the bear addresses an abiding earth. A work of Art so needed on our fragile planet. Elsa Marley October 2009

    Allegra’s Poems Below

    What is Black Bear to you

    Black Bear is sacred to me
    Birth place
    Heart place
    where I go most often in my dreams

    Black Bear is in me down deep
    I bleed Black Bear each month
    I wear scars of Black Bear
    on my fingers my toes my chin
    I am Black Bear
    though I no longer liver there in body
    in spirit I am always there

    Black Bear is so familiar
    yet I can go there and discover
    things I’ve never known
    Black Bear is my home
    among many homes

    We are a family spread across the earth
    connected by a place deep in the mountains
    a place deep in our hearts
    called Black Bear

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