Water Color Painting By Sarah

October 27th, 2009

I painted that woman within a bear with my baby Miles and the place I was pregnant and birthed in mind and with the one I ran away from Black Bear in mind as well. Mt Shasta is in there, the mama mountain I still revere. I left BBR after only a year and a half and followed my heart but it was a blissful year and a half. I thought I would live “that way” forever but what I did was carry the lessons I learned there with me on my life journey. I never let go  of trying to partake in other peoples’ childrens’ lives when they crossed paths with mine. I never stopped trying to pass the rattle to people who needed encouragement to be heard. I never stopped trying to make where I lived into an open and caring home and I never stopped being involved with the community I lived in. All this I learned at BBR and much much more.

I have to mention also the woodperson’s skills I learned, not to mention the feminista awakened within – cooking for a crew of people who’d been cutting wood all day, splitting that wood into kindling that would start a fire in a gianormous stove. Canning and drying tons of food I’d help grow, milking and cheesemaking, etc. I know things at the Ranch are always in flux. Its an ongoing social experiment up there. Whoever is living there makes it what it is and I was blessed by living with people who were devoted to living on the land, raising each others children and working things out as best we could. Thank you BBR and the people I still love from there. Still living a dream but from a solid footing.

sarahs painting

These are from woodblock art that some bears created at the 40th Summer solstice gathering