Black Bear Ranch Web Site is temporarily unavailable.

The Black Bear Ranch Web site is currently overwhelmed by traffic due to the recent news stories that had incorrectly reported that teacher Tad Cummins and the 15 year old girl he had run away with had been found at Black Bear ranch. The pair was actually found in Cecilville, California near a cabin where they had been staying that has no connection with Black Bear Ranch.

The Sacramento Bee article that can be found here has accurate information about the apprehension and arrest.

Here is what we know:

  1. Based on the best information we have seen, Elizabeth Thomas was rescued and Tad Cummins arrested near a cabin where they were staying in Cecilville that is unconnected with and a significant distance from Black Bear Ranch.
  2. We are glad the community could cooperate with assisting the authorities in dealing with this situation.
  3. According to interviews of several current residents of Black Bear Ranch reported in the press, the couple showed up at Black Bear Ranch having had no previous contact with Black Bear and stayed for a few days until they were asked to leave. Residents had no access to national news and had no idea who this couple was, there ages or their history in relation to the charges that have now surfaced.
  4. To the media: The residents of Black Bear Ranch will not give any further interviews or allow any further photos or video to be shot at Black Bear Ranch. Please do not attempt to visit us. We would like to preserve and maintain our privacy.
  5. Black Bear does not condone the acts that Tad Cummins has been charged with nor does it condone these practices by anyone.

If you are interested in connecting with or visiting Black Bear, please check back later when things have quieted down. At present, Black Bear Ranch is not accepting any visitors.

Thanks for your patience.

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