The residents of Black Bear are often open to folks visiting.

It’s considered good etiquette to let us know before coming down. Send us some mail or an email with the details of your stay. Make sure to bring supplies for your stay.

The following is written in response to difficult situations.

If you are coming down, please understand that this is our home and we have been asked by those who came before us to steward it. We have boundaries. Please, also know that it’s very hard to get supplies up the mountain, and even if you contribute financially for the things you use during your visit, it is difficult to coordinate and transport for things to get up the mountain.

We are not an open-door community, despite rumors to the contrary. We may invite you to stay for longer than a couple of days. It is often difficult to be told that we will have an individual (or a group or a family) as guests. It is even harder if those visitors have the expectation that they can simply move in.

Please be responsible for your needs around food, transportation, chemical addictions, troubled emotions, and all the like.

About Dogs:

We love dogs at the ranch. Most of us have deep relations with the dogs here. We have trained our dogs well to be with our range animals and have taken precautions to keep the dog population in check.

It would really make our lives more simple if you left your dog friend at home for your visit. We have lost 43 chickens, 3 goats, 2 ducks, and 2 dogs to incidents involving dogs. While visiting, please keep your dog on a lead and with you. You will see residents’ dogs off leash. Please understand these dogs have been trained for years and we have our own accountability around any incidents.

It is incumbent on all of the residents to mind every dog. We hope to see visitors taking responsibility for their animals. A troublesome dog will be reprimanded by any resident by our standards. A troublesome dog may be leashed and escorted of property by our residents.