If you watched the movie Commune and were inspired to visit Black Bear Ranch, please note that the Black Bear Ranch you saw in the movie describes the ranch at various historic times.  The ranch is in constant flux as are all of our lives and it is not appropriate to show up at the ranch with expectations based on the movie.  Respect the current residents and follow their lead regarding the current way of life at the ranch.

Black Bear is not open for impromptu visits.. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting Black Bear.

As part of our long term planning, we are looking for people who fit into the Black Bear vision who might be interested in making Black Bear their home as part of a committed communal core group. We are particularly interested in families with children.  Whether you are simply interested in a visit to the ranch or thinking the ranch might be a place for you to settle, we’d love to connect with you.  Click here to contact us by email before coming to the ranch.  As the ranch does not currently have access to the internet, you will be contacted by a member of the larger Black Bear family helping with visitor coordination.  To contact Black Bear Ranch by snail mail:

P.O. Box 3
Forks of Salmon, Ca.
96031 U.S.A.

Once you have been in touch with us and approve for a visit, the following information will inform your visit to the ranch.

Make sure to bring supplies for your stay. Supplies include:

  • • Enough food to cover your stay and contribute to shared food supplies.
  • • Bedding and personal supplies. There may or may not be a mattress available; floor space is available.
  • • Towel and other toiletries to meet your needs.
  • • Musical instruments are great.
  • • We greatly discourage bringing a dog with you. See information below about dogs.
  • • Cell phones and computers are OK, though there will be no wifi or mobile phone service available.
  • • Do not drive a car to the ranch unless it is in adequate shape and you have enough gas to drive it out of the ranch.


Please Understand

If you are coming to the ranch, please understand that this is our home and we have been asked by those who came before us to steward it. We have boundaries. Please, also know that it’s very hard to get supplies up the mountain, and even if you contribute financially for the things you use during your visit, it is difficult to coordinate and transport things up the mountain. Please bring the supplies you expect to consume, especially food, with you to contribute to the communal food supply.

We are not an open-door community, despite rumors to the contrary. We may invite you to stay for longer than a couple of days. It is often difficult to be told that we will have an individual (or a group or a family) as guests. It is even harder if those visitors have the expectation that they can simply move in.

Please be responsible for your needs around food, medicine and medical needs, transportation, chemical addictions, troubled emotions, and all the like.

Automobiles:  Do not drive a car to the ranch unless it is in adequate shape and you have enough gas to drive it out of the ranch.

“Free Land for Free People”

This slogan has been associated with Black Bear at times.  This slogan is not a declaration of “anything goes.”  It is a statement that Black Bear is a place where people who wish to be free of the destructive tendencies and values in our society can gather in a safe, respectful and beautiful place free from that destructiveness. Destructive and disrespectful behavior are not welcome at Black Bear.  Mutual respect, kindness, and behavior that honors others and the land are welcome. 

About Dogs:

We love dogs at the ranch. Most of us have deep relations with the dogs here. We have trained our dogs well to be with our range animals and have taken precautions to keep the dog population in check.

It would really make our lives more simple if you left your dog friend at home for your visit. We have lost 43 chickens, 3 goats, 2 ducks, and 2 dogs to incidents involving dogs. While visiting, please keep your dog on a leash and with you. You will see residents’ dogs off leash. Please understand these dogs have been trained for years and we have our own accountability around any incidents.

It is incumbent on all of the residents to mind every dog. We hope to see visitors taking responsibility for their animals. A troublesome dog will be reprimanded by any resident by our standards. A troublesome dog may be leashed and escorted off the property by our residents.