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Visitors Policy

Hi, thanks for your interest in Black Bear Ranch,

To learn about the history, philosophy and ideals of BBR take some time and read the Trust, Bear Voices, Traditional Guildlines, view the movie Commune, or read the book Free Land: Free People: Tales of a Wilderness Commune edited by Don Monkerud, Malcolm Terence, and Sunsan Keese before your visit to BBR.
We do not accept residency of strangers via email. It is not uncommon for us to be asked if (or even told that) people will be living here who have never met us or seen the space.
Before your arrival we want to learn more about you and your intentions. Please take a few moments to answer these questions and email them back to:
1) What is your name, where are you from and where do you currently reside?
2) How did you find out about the ranch?
3) What do you know and or think about communal life?
4) What are your interests and skills?

5) How could you be arriving and leaving? BBR does not permit one-ways, you must be able to provide a way to leave.

6) What do you do for a living?

7) Would you be coming only to visit or do you have interest in living communally on
a regular basis?

8) Do you have any health concerns of which we should be aware of, such as, handicap access requirements, medical conditions, communicable diseases, etc.

9) Is there anything else we should know about you and what you have to offer BBR?

Things to know before your arrival to BBR:

Be prepared to Share- this is the essence of Black Bear Ranch

We request a visitor fee of $5 day to cover food and ranch expenses.

We at BBR share all aspects of food, growing it, cooking it and eating it together. There is NO easily accessible grocery store or other type of market within 60 minutes of the Ranch so all food must be brought in. Please inquire what you can bring to share with everyone.

There is a list of Traditional Guidelines in effect at the ranch helping one live communally, this applies to visitors, returning residents and residents living on a more full time basis at the ranch, please inform yourself with these Guidelines.

As visitors we don’t expect you to know the systems of the place – water, hydroelectric, etc. In fact, we ask that you leave essemtial systems be maintained by those who have been relying on them. We do ask that you are aware of them. These systems are sensitive and need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Be conscious of weather and road conditions that exist at the ranch at any given time throughout the year. BBR is very remote with only dirt road access. Snow does happen and cars do get stuck in sometimes for months, so be aware and prepared. Contact us for more immediate road and weather conditions.

Pack it in- Pack it out: We maintain a clean BBR and require all trash to be taken out. Please leave no trace.

BBR is a clothing optional environment.

ABSOLUTELY no violence is permitted or will be tolerated at BBR.

Thank you for your interest in The Bear, we look forward to hearing from you.

Black Bear Ranch

contact us at

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