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Exciting new things are happening at Black Bear.  A new conversation has begun to think about the long term future of Black Bear.  This conversation involves the larger Black Bear family, new, current and old members. We expect that this will include a number of projects to spruce up the ranch, deal with long term repair and renovation needs and consider possible improvements. There may also be some exciting opportunities for partnering with other groups in alignment with our vision. Look forward to announcements about meetings, gathering and workdays.

Thanksgiving Events

  • Thanksgiving:  The Thanksgiving gathering will be from Thursday, November 24 through Saturday, November 26.  Bring food as there is little food at the ranch, good energy, music, more.
  • Cleanup:  There will be a cleanup orchestrated by Dave Sunoo and Petey, who will have trucks to haul away trash.  Details will follow.
  • Meetings:  We hope to have a meeting at the ranch Friday at noon to get up to date.  If there is enough interest, we may also have a meeting on the river on Saturday at noon.

Some background on “the Ranch”
by Allegra, one of the Black Bear clan born on a platform over Black Bear Creek.




Black Bear Ranch as a commune was founded in 1968 by a group of people who wanted to go back to the land, get out of the city
and start a new life together in the mountains. Over the past forty some years many, many people have come and gone through Black Bear Ranch. Some stay for a few days, others stay for years. Black Bear Ranch is much more than a piece of land in the middle of the mountains of the Salmon River. Black Bear Ranch is a community, a family, a home for your heart, a place to nourish our bodies and our souls. It has had a profound effect on the lives of so many people. It stays with you, lodged somewhere deep inside. Some of us were born here, some were reborn here, yet Black Bear Ranch has become a significant part of us all. Many keep coming back to touch in, to enjoy and appreciate, but also to maintain, improve and nurture the Ranch. Some of us return often, others only visit for gatherings.
Black Bear Ranch is a place for people to live and also a place for people to gather. Each year the ever growing Black Bear Family gathers at the Ranch three times: at the Summer Solstice, for the Women’s Gathering and for Thanksgiving. Some years we gather to celebrate Winter Solstice as well.
Black Bear Ranch is a place for people to live communally and share the joys, work and hardships of mountain homesteading. The Ranch is nestled in a valley where Black Bear and Callahan Creeks come together, singing their clear mountain stream songs, while a spring supplies the Main House with year around cool water. We are blessed with rich, well cared for and established organic gardens. There are many old and established fruit and nut trees, planted both by members of the commune and by the Dagget family, builders and residents of the original Main House during the mining days around the turn of the century.
Black Bear is a place of coming and going. Sometimes staying for a long time, other times just a little while. A dusty road, a pond, eager hands to help with what needs doing. Day to day tasks of cooking, cleaning, gardening, gathering wood, building and maintaining structures and systems, caring for trees and natural features, welcoming visitors, attending meetings and participating in the communal process.
Black Bear is a anchor, a vestige of the sixties, one out of many that sprung up in the sixties still functioning as a commune. A place to come back to again and again, changing and yet never changing.
Written by Allegra 2009

3-3-2010 BBR view from the mainhouse roof

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