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Black Bear Ranch was established in 1968 on 28 acres surrounded by the Klamath National Forest not far from the Oregon border as part of the back-to-the-land movement in Northern California in the late 1960s.  Many kids were born and raised at Black Bear and are now adult members of the broader Black Bear Family.  The ranch proper is a residential community as well as a familial and spiritual center for  Black Bear.  The land is owned by the Black Bear Family Trust, set up to provide a maximum amount of self governance that includes all in the Black Bear family.  The number of people residing at Black Bear Ranch over the years has varied from as many as several hundred to less than a half-dozen over the decades.  Its focus has been on collective living, connection to the land and nature, and building a community in alignment with the shared values of its members and the larger Black Bear Family.  Black Bear strives to be a responsible member of the larger Salmon/Klamath river community, honoring and respecting our neighbors, local native peoples and customs and the land we share.

Exciting new things are happening at Black Bear Ranch.  

A new conversation has begun focusing on the long term future of Black Bear Ranch.  The focus of this conversation is how to preserve and maintain Black Bear and its vision into the future.  This conversation involves the larger Black Bear family, new and current residents, old Bears and others. The focus is on solidifying the social structure and infrastructure at Black Bear to make it more self-sustaining over time.  It is an exciting process and we expect it to be a strong focus over the next few years.   We will also be taking on projects to spruce up the ranch, deal with long term repair and renovation needs and consider possible improvements. There may also be some exciting opportunities for partnering with other groups in alignment with our vision. 

Interested in knowing more about Black Bear? 

During this exploration, Black Bear ranch will not be accepting visitors or considering prospective new members.  If you are interested connecting with the Black Bear family or having a future relationship with the ranch, we urge you to go to this link and fill out the questionnaire you will find there.  You can also contact us by email via the email link below.  We may not respond to you immediately, but we will keep your request on file and contact you when we begin reviewing requests again. 

We will, at some point, be looking for people who may want to live at the ranch and assist in our long term vision for the ranch, as well as people who may be interested in helping with some short term renovation and improvement projects at the ranch.  If these things interest you, please fill out a questionnaire.

3-3-2010 BBR view from the mainhouse roof

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To contact Black Bear Ranch by snail mail:
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Donations for Black Bear Ranch:  This money will be spent on building restoration and other renovation, improvement and maintenance costs related to the ranch.

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